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Dear All,

I know everyone will have seen the ongoing media surrounding the possible reopening of schools from the week commencing Monday 1st June. Please find attached a letter with VITAL information linked to Sherborne Primary’s Plan of reopening.

Our main thought throughout our planning is to keep ALL as safe and manageable as possible.

Best wishes and warm regards.

Mr Bartle


Dear All,

Please find below a letter concerning the possible partial reopening of Sherborne Primary School in June (I know this is all over the news and we await final decisions).

Please note, within the letter there a link for parents/carers of Years R, 1 & 6 to complete a very short questionnaire to ascertain whether children might return to school.

There are also details of how Key Worker children can access school provision (vulnerable children can also access school provision as before). This will be on-site at  SPS from June.

Best wishes and warm regards,

Mr Bartle


Week Review & Update – End of Summer Week 4 – Mr Bartle

Dear All,

I cannot thank you enough for yet another week of home schooling! Whatever has happened this week youhave made it to theweekend!

Please find below a letter from Steve Hillier (SAST CEO) to update you all of the government’s latest information and the proposalto possibly re-open primary schools.

I will, of course, follow this up with more information early next week to let everyone know our plans forparitially re-opening theschool in June.

As you can imagine we MUST put the safety of our children and staff first; with that in mind I can start tobriefly outline some ofour thinking for our re-opening plan.

No children will be in school on the 1st & 2nd of June (so that the staff can ensure the building, protocols,resources, logistics etc.are all in place ready. This will include a comprehensive risk assessment). We will thenbe phasing in our Year R / Year 1 & Year 6children over the next three weeks (our key worker & vulnerable willcontinue to have access to school from the 3rd June). In myletter to parents of Year R / 1 & 6, I will be settingout the precautions the school will put in place and asking parents to inform theschool (via a briefquestionnaire) whether their child/ren will be coming back to school, so that I can staff appropriately.

Others year groups are not returning at present, except those mentioned above.

Key Worker & Vulnerable Children will also have information to access school within the letter I will send earlynext week. Asalways we are trying to keep this to a minimum for the safety of all.

I once again thank you for your ongoing support and I know you will understand that re-opening our school islarge logisticaloperation which is only possible if all are as safe as can be.

Best wishes and warm regards from everyone at Sherborne Primary

SAST/SAT statement on schools reopening

The government has announced plans to welcome back selected year groups of students into schools from the 1st June, at the earliest. In anticipation of phased re-openings, we have been working closely with headteachers and staff to look at how we can adapt school life to ensure it is as safe as possible.

We will be following government guidance, conducting risk assessments across all sites and looking at any new hygiene and cleaning measures that can be introduced. We are also working collaboratively with teaching unions to ensure the safety of our staff.

The return to school will look different with a range of arrangements. Not all schools or settings will be able to offer full time provision to the identified year groups given the guidance they have to follow around pupil numbers, safe working and also staff availability. There may be a phased approach to limit numbers on site at any one time, and we may need to stagger the school day to safeguard parents as well as students. All options are currently being discussed and each school will come up with a plan that best suits their locality. Flexibility will be key, and we appreciate the support of everyone involved when facing these challenges.

For any children that are shielding, we will of course continue to support their education remotely. We also have a number of staff that are shielding and they will continue to work from home, whilst being supported in school by colleagues.

Although schools are currently officially closed, we have been providing childcare for vulnerable children and children of key workers during this time, and we want to commend our staff for all the hard work they have continued to do during this time, both in school, and by providing engaging home learning activities over the last eight weeks.

We would like to reiterate that if anyone in your household is showing symptoms, the entire household must self-isolate and follow government guidelines. This will be especially important as schools begin to reopen. All of the government plans for schools are subject to change, should the infection rate increase and we will adapt our plans as necessary.

We would like to reassure everyone that as we move forward, our top priority is the welfare of our students and staff, and we will do everything we can to provide the safest school environments possible.


Steve Hillier CEO


Dear Parents / Carers,

I wanted to issue a few brief words of caution following the government’s announcement last night.

At present Sherborne Primary (and all schools) remain closed other than for the children of key workers and vulnerable children – we are not in a position to offer childcare for parents who wish to return to work, but do not fulfil the categories above.

We will spend the next 3 weeks working through our plans and risk assessments, taking into account detailed advice and guidance from the government & SAST. Once this is available to us. We will keep you fully informed as and when decisions are made, as we have done throughout this time

The safety and well-being of children and staff will remain paramount throughout the planning process (as you can all imagine social distancing small children will be and is a challenge!)

When we do ‘re-open’ it will be done in a phased way and parents should not assume that school will be open in the same way as it was prior to lockdown; there may be a need for reduced hours or even designated days to ensure safe social distancing. Of course, further information will follow.

We would ask for your continued support in ensuring that children are not expecting a return to school until our plans are confirmed as it will be important for them to have a definite date and a plan to work towards.

I am sure that you will recognise the mammoth task that we will be facing us in the weeks ahead and that the responsibility to ensure that children, staff and families remain safe in such uncertain times weighs heavy.

I thank you for your patience and incredible support during this challenging time and as always wish you and your family are safe and well.

With best wishes & warm regards,

Mr Bartle

End of Summer Week 3 – Review – Mr Bartle
Dear All,
Firstly and most importantly, I sincerely hope you and all your families are safe & well.
I will also update all parents / carers as soon as possible after the forthcoming government announcement on schools on Sunday. I am sure you can appreciate that SPS will need to review this information carefully, from this coming Sunday, and plan accordingly, with your child’s (& our staff’s) safety in mind.
We have been running school from The Gryphon site for the past three weeks now and we are very thankful for their hospitality! This has enabled us to shut our site, reducing the need for cleaners etc as well as limiting the amount of staff needed at any one time. We are anticipating doing this until at least half term but we await Government announcements this week. We need to limit the number of children at all times for obvious reasons such as distancing and reducing the spread of the virus. It is still the case that if children can be looked after safely at home that is where they should be. As numbers rise we will review this.
All of my team are thoroughly enjoying your messages, photos, activities, posts, cooking, gardening and ALL the incredible efforts everyone is achieving with your home schooling. We understand this can be a challenge and please keep feeding back to us how you are all doing and what we can do to help you?
School work is not always everyone’s main priority at the moment and we recognise this too. Please let me or my team know if we can support you in any way. School Closure will have a large impact on all of our families and we do all we can to help you.
 Dorset have launched a new helpline which some may find useful. See below:
A new helpline has been launched to support parents and carers who are worried about how their child is coping during the Coronavirus pandemic. Dorset Council’s Educational Psychology Service has set-up the helpline to support those who are worried about their child or teenager during the lockdown.
The helpline number is 01305 228300. It is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 4.45pm. Callers need to ring and make an appointment for a 30-minute phone consultation.
Once again, thank you for all you support and efforts and I am hoping we will all see each other soon.
Best wishes & warm regards,
Mr Bartle & everyone at Sherborne Primary

Dear All,

A very brief message to say that The Sherborne Hub (for key workers / vulnerable pupils) will be closed forthe usual BankHoliday Friday 8th May.

Best wishes and I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, Mr Bartle


Dear All,

I will try and write a brief commentary at the end of each week to keep everyone in the loop about what is happening at SPS throughout this National School Closure.

I am truly taken aback but our amazing parents / carers and the way you have all embraced ‘home learning’ for your children. It does not matter whether you are attempting all of the work set, some of it, cooking, gardening, reading, playing, exercise or just chilling with your child (or children) you should ALL be very proud of yourselves! I know that each parent / family have a unique situation and despite us providing work, activities & challenges there is NO pressure to complete this. I realise just getting through the day for some people it s huge challenge!

Our team will still be providing online work packs (no need to print) until the government tells us we can reopen (whatever this may look like?) and I hope anyone accessing these are enjoying them and helping in some way. We are also liaising with our SAST schools on a daily basis with ideas and ways forward to ensure we try as many ways possible to engage the children.

At present SPS has mixed with Sherborne Abbey, Charlton Horethorne & the Gryphon schools at our new ‘Hub’ based at the Gryphon School for our key worker & vulnerable children. I wish to thank the Gryphon staff for making us all feel so welcome!

I have already written to our new children who will join us in Year R in September 2020 and am finalising a plan if our usual induction process is not possible (more to come about this soon…)

Similarly, I have been liaising with the Gryphon Team (alongside Miss Durrant & Mrs Wilcox) to discuss their plan for induction for our Year 6 children going into Year 7. We have ensured that the Gryphon have lots of vital information to support as smooth a transition as possible and that their team knows our fabulous children; again more about this soon…….

Your well-being is our priority at the moment and I have asked my team to individual contact anyone who is not in regular contact with their class teacher to ONLY check you are well & all ok. This is purely a welfare check-in and nothing to do with your child’s work.

Finally, can I thank all of you for your great support during these challenging times and please keep messaging all of my team (& myself) if we can support in any way.

I sincerely hope we can all be together soon and I miss all of your children (& chatting with you all on the gate) so much!!!!

Best wishes & warm regards,

Mr Bartle

Dear All,
I sincerely hope everyone has had a lovely Easter & enjoyed the beautiful spring sunshine!
A reminder that our school will be part of a local ‘Sherborne Hub’, based at the Gryphon School, from tomorrow (Monday 20th April). Children of agreed vulnerable pupils & pupils of our amazing key workers are welcome to meet at the Gryphon Conference Centre (in school uniform) from 8:45am (finishing at 3:20pm).
On behalf of everyone can I take this opportunity to thank ALL of our brilliant SCAPA Team for hosting the ‘hub’ at SPS across the Easter holidays.
I also know that all of the team at SPS cannot wait to see everyone again in school as part of our Sherborne Primary family!
Please remember we are here if you need us? (you can contact us via the school office / dojo etc).
We have provided some additional activities & learning ideas on our class pages (please remember these are completely optional as we know everyone is doing their best). Hopefully this can maintain some sort of routine.
Best wishes & warm regards from myself & all of our SPS Team.
Mr Bartle

End of Week 2 of School Closure – Review

Dear All,

The school feels a very strange place without lots of children and the wonderful atmosphere they create! Sherborne Primary has welcomed small numbers of pupils this week which has reduced the possibility of cross-infection, as well as keep everyone as safe as possible. However due to the low numbers we are proposing tho create a ‘Hub’ within Sherborne, based at the Gryphon School starting from Monday 20th April (start of the Summer Term). Please see the letter attached.

Our Vulnerable Pupils and Key Worker children are continued to be welcomed across Easter at Sherborne Primary within our SCAPA facility.

Thank you to everyone who has kindly engaged with the suggested activities & challenges my staff have place onto the internet (please remember these are purely to support everyone in this situation and fully understand there might be many good reasons why families don’t complete these items).

We have many further activities to entertain the children over Easter (if required) on our Home Learning Web-Page (link below:)


I have asked my staff to give the children a rest and they too will be relaxing from setting challenges etc. until after Easter to replicate some sort of normality for children.

After Easter my team will be placing more ‘packs’ online to support all of our excellent home learners, which will hopefully support the best education we can provide within this challenging situation (again, this is just to support, with no expectation). The ‘packs’ after Easter should last a further fortnight and hopefully we will have a clearer picture of where the country is from there!

Our Free School Meals Vouchers will CONTINUE across Easter to support our families. They will be issued as before.

I hope everyone has clicked onto their class pages on Dojo to find out the ‘Pupil of the Week’ & ‘Role Model’; which we will performing weekly (the next one will be after Easter). We are really keen for the children / families to just message us at least once a week to make sure you are all well and ok.

Finally, can I once again, thank my team for supporting the children and to thank YOU ALL for your amazing home learning with your children during this closure. I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of your work, activities, photos, videos etc. You have ALL been amazing.

Best wishes and have a lovely Easter,

Mr Bartle

Easter Holiday Activities: Easter Holiday Activities
Some suggested Apps to use at home: Sherborne Primary App List
End of First Week – Updates…..
It still seems so strange that all of our amazing Sherborne Primary Family are not together & I know I can speak for all my staff to say we miss every single one of you!
We are still open for emergency childcare for families of Key Workers & Vulnerable children (please let me know if anything changes & anyone requires this service?) Our numbers have been small this week which is excellent as it follows the clear governmental advice of social distancing & reducing the risk of cross infection.
Our wonderful Office Team have not only organised packed lunches (kindly delivered by Mrs Brazier, Mrs Young & Mrs Miles) up until Wednesday, but have hopefully set up a Food Voucher System to support our families on Free School Meals (which will continue throughout the Easter Holidays to support those most at need).
During this challenging period it has been so lovely to see so many Acts of Kindness & pulling together as a community (one of the many things we always strive for at Sherborne Primary). This includes our PTA donating Easter Eggs to the staff at the Yeatman, many messages of everyone supporting each other in the community & hearing so many applause for the NHS staff last night.
It has also been great & rewarding to see the efforts our pupils (& parents) are making at home with their home learning on Class Dojo (Yrs 1 – 6) & Tapestry (EYFS only).
We would really appreciate EVERY child communicating at least WEEKLY using these system to ensure we are all keeping in touch. If we do not receive any communication my team will ring & contact families (this is purely to check & support your well-being).
I do hope you are all enjoying the daily challenge videos & activities set by my staff. Please be assured we are preparing more activities after the Easter Holidays for you all to enjoy & engage with. We would also wish for our children to enjoy Easter (as much as possible in this strange situation) with no expectation of work from our end.
We are also open to the Key Workers & Vulnerable families across Easter, with the same ‘emergency only’ rule applying.
Finally can I thank all of my staff for continuing to engage with their children & desperately trying to maintain some sort of ‘normal’. I know how much they ALL wish to be back in school with our lovely children.
A huge thanks to you all for your support & please remember we are still here if you need us!
Best & warm regards to everyone!
Mr Bartle

NEW FOOD VOUCHER SCHEME for our families who access Free School Meals:

Please see below two attachments which include a letter explaining how to access our NEW Food VoucherScheme (this willmean you can go to a supermarket of your choice and exchange the vouchers for food usingthe QR code provided).

This will start from Thursday 26th March (we will again on Wednesday (tomorrow) ask families to kindly collecta packed lunchfrom outside our office as today – please email the office if you are self-isolating & requiredelivery, just for tomorrow –


If you have questions, please contact our office 01935 812619; we are here to help you.

Best wishes, warm hugs and hope everyone is well.

Mr Bartle

Free School Meal Vouchers

Free School Meals On Line Voucher Guidance

Please see a message for families who usually receive a FREESCHOOL MEAL (not the Universal Free Mealsfor Yr R – Yr 2)

An electronic voucher which can be used at a supermarket of your choice has today been sent via email/textto parents of childrenentitled to Free School Meals. This voucher is to enable you topurchase food to makelunches for your children, tomorrow andFriday.

We will issue a further voucher on or before Friday 27th March toenable you to purchase food for lunches forthe following 5 days.Going forward you will be provided with an electric voucher on aWEEKLY basis.

Any questions please contact the school office via email atoffice@sherbornepri.dorset.sch.uk

Best wishes Mr Bartle & the Office Team