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Curriculum – Overview

Welcome to the Sherborne Primary Curriculum Page. At out school we believe in delivering an engaging and exciting cross-curricular approach to learning. We have split our curriculum into three sections:

INTENT (the knowledge & understanding to be gained)

IMPLEMENTATION (for making this into the structure & framework of what we deliver)

IMPACT & ACHIEVEMENT (what knowledge & understanding the children have gained against our expectations)

INTENT – OUR STATEMENT at Sherborne Primary:

  • Curriculum which reflects the distinctiveness of the local community and is bespoke to the needs of the children and their families
  • Foster a passion for learning
  • Be broad and rich
  • Ensure children are personally supported and challenged – it meets the needs of all
  • Be fun and enjoyable
  • Promote exploration, curiosity and inquisitiveness for future learning
  • Recognise and value equally both academic and non-academic achievement
  • Develop skills for life:  ethics, health and well-being, safety, self-worth, taking pleasure, achieving, enrichment, social and environmental responsibility
  • Facilitate collaboration, sharing responsibility, ideas and experience
  • Ensure children learn from failure, are resilient and have an open mind/growth mindset
  • Be creative and dynamic, with a teaching delivery style that is responsive to change and prepared to evolve
  • Be relevant to, and prepares children and students for, their current and future world and a global society, which is aspirational
  • Encourage quality and depth of learning not just quantity and breath

IMPLEMENTATION – please read below

To find out more about our curriculum please speak to Headteacher who can explain the content, breath & engagement further

English, Maths and Science

We follow the New National Curriculum for these subjects, with each year group working on the specific learning outcomes for their children. This is delivered within a cross-curricular approach utilising high quality reading texts and exciting activities. It is based on a topic ‘themed’ approach. It is also supplemented by engaging events such as a ‘Maths Week’ or a ‘Space Week’ or a whole school ‘Science Day’ to enhance stimulation and exciting within our curriculum.


Maths is delivered for Yrs 1 to 6 using the Maths No Problem (Singapore Maths) Scheme as recommended by the DfE. This provides excellent mathematical language which develops a deep and wide understanding of mathematical concepts throughout the school. It is always enhanced by further learning and activities provided at a child centred level by the teaching staff.

English is based around excellent reading skills including guided reading and the love of literature. This includes many visiting authors & an annual ‘Book Week’ to encourage our pupils to enjoys books and utilise these skills to become high quality writers. Writing is displayed on each classroom wall to demonstrate the individual child’s progress throughout the year and year group expectations are on show to enable children and adults to understand what high standards are required, these can also be in the form of ‘big writes’.

Science is enhanced by a SAST wide development group which provides resources and opportunities to guide our young people to enjoy science and the world around them. This includes engaging visits to places such Leonardos Helicopters and other sites to demonstrate science within the workplace. Children also attend Science Gifted & Talented events & enter various science competitions. 

Foundation Stage

The Foundation Stage follow the specific curriculum that is set for this age group. Our staff have an ever increasing and expanding facility within the EYFS Stage which includes an extensive outdoor area, a mud kitchen, a large playframe, a quite dome and various vehicles & bikes to help our pupils with their physical & mental development.

Our EYFS curriculum is shaped around our pupils and is themed lead linked to their engagement. Their curriculum also includes a multitude of trips and visits / visitors including Chinese New Year, Gore Farm (a working farm & Forest School) and the Sea Life Centre.

For more guidance go to: https://www.gov.uk/topic/schools-colleges-childrens-services/early-years

Key Stage 1 Phonics and Reading

In Key Stage 1 we put a large emphasis on the importance of phonics and reading. We follow letters and sounds throughout our Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage classes. We use the Oxford Reading Tree and Big Cats Phonics books as our reading scheme.

Phonics is streamed across EYFS & KS1 to enable excellent targeting of our resources. This means many small groups are supported with lots of adult help. This results in good standards within the Year 1 Phonics check.Parents & carers are also supported with home learning in phonics via induction sessions in phonics in EYFS and then workshops and open mornings (Inspire mornings) within all classes across WYFS & KS1).

Children are encouraged to read at all times and this is monitored by the adults at school and supported by many volunteers & students who also listen to our pupils read.

Topic Learning

Each year group learns about a range of topics that link to a variety of different curriculum areas. Information about each terms topic will be sent out as a topic jigsaw. Our topics / foundation subjects are linked to our cross-curricular learning approach and utilise the interests of the children to develop their skills, knowledge & understanding in all areas of the National Curriculum.

The enjoyment of their topics is always enhanced with themed activities, visits or visitors.

Please see our class web-pages & Class Dojo photos for more information.