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Curriculum Intent


At Sherborne Primary School, we value each child as an individual with a unique potential for learning. Our aim is to enable each child, regardless of need, to participate fully in current and future society as a responsible, self-confident learner. We believe that an effective curriculum offers knowledge, skills, understanding and progression. At our school, the curriculum is ambitious as it enriches and enlivens the standards set out in the National Curriculum.

Our curriculum is underpinned by our values as this is paramount to all that we do in all aspects of school life.  We support our values through our curriculum and focus on these in assemblies and collective worship.  We focus on 1 value every half term as part of our 2 year rolling programme.

Our values are:

When shaping our new curriculum our staff team decided our curriculum will:

  • Create a spark and wonder for learning in all environments        
  • Encourage a determination to succeed, resilience and embraces teamwork 
  • Be creative, engaging, aspirational and promotes self-awareness
  • Shows our pupils how to independently take risks, ask questions and develop a sense of achievement
  • Cultivates pupils to show compassion, morality and kindness