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Story Challenge

Your challenge is to write a story using your Roald Dahl name. You can find your Roald Dahl name on the poster. The best entries will go on the ‘Wow Work’ Wall. Please make sure your name and class are on your entry and give them to ‘Munchie’ the library monster.



WOW Work

Any work displayed on the ‘Wow Work’ Wall receives a prize!


Here are the pieces of ‘WOW’ work from our last topics. Well done to Amy Bingham (Tigers) and Victoria Shearing (Leopards) for taking part and producing some amazing work 🙂





Fiction Faction: Year 6 Bookclub

In the spring term, we read ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ by C.S.Lewis. As well as reading the book, we also watched the film – complete with hot chocolate and turkish delight in true Narnia style! To conclude our adventure into Narnia, we created our own front covers for the book; blurbs to summarise the book; and wrote a chapter as if we were writing a sequel. Here are some of our thoughts:

If I wrote the book, I would have titled it –

“The Mysterious world inside a wardrobe.” Poppy

“Magical creatures through the wardrobe.” Holly

If I wrote the sequel, this is what would happen –

“They can’t get back to the house because they can’t find it.” Harriet

“The snow queen’s daughter would seek revenge.” Poppy

My favourite character is –

“Aslan because he is a lion and he is fierce. He is a brave and great leader and he never gives up. He also cares for all the other animals and the children.” Tilly

“Aslan – he’s a lion and he’s king of the wardrobe.” Hugo

“Mr Tumnus because he has a red scarf and he is funny. Also he invites random people to tea.” Nieve

“Edmund – he is very sneaky and evil at the start but his character makes the story have a twist. His part also shows that Peter, Lucy and Susan are kind-hearted as they forgive Edmund when he does wrong.” Ben

“Lucy is my favourite character because she isn’t afraid of adventure and she loves to help people out.” Hannah


“10/10” Edie

“9/10” Amy

Pooh’s Reading Corner – Short Story Competition

There are 2 different categories for this exciting competition: 4-7 year olds and 7-11 year olds. 4-7 year olds, your challenge is to finish the story below in no more than 100 words. One morning, Winnie-the-Pooh looked out of his window and saw something that took...
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Revolting Rhyme Competition

Here are the rules It must rhyme. It must be between 4-30 lines. It must involve at least one Roald Dahl character. It must be funny. It must also be revolting. This means it could be naughty, gross, outrageous, surprising, or a little bit rebellious. ENTRIES MUST BE...
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Exciting challenges ahead!

In October, look out for your opportunity to enter into 2 writing competitions! Make your own revolting rhyme about one of Roald Dahl's characters and a short story competition about the best bear in all the world -Winnie the Pooh. Details will follow shortly, get...
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Research Challenges


Munchie – the library monster – is always keen to learn new things. For each topic, you can produce a poster, a fact file or a piece of writing to demonstrate what you have found out and to help others learn. When completed, please put your name and class on your work and give them to Munchie (who lives in a green box in the library). Each piece of work received earns 1 dojo point and a stamp on your library reward card. 4 reward card stamps = a certificate for excellent research. Any especially amazing work will be displayed on the Wow work wall and will receive a prize!

Munchie would like to know about the following topics:

Enid Blyton





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