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School Meals

Chartwells is the provider of hot school meals to Sherborne Primary School.  All children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One will be eligible to a free school meal under the Universal Infant Free School Meal scheme instigated by central government. Links from this page will explain how to register your child/ren for the Free School Meal scheme and how to set up an on-line payment account.

Children who bring a packed lunch and a drink (in a unbreakable container please) will place their lunch boxes on the trolleys outside their class before entering the class. These trolleys are wheeled into the dining hall prior to lunch beginning. If a child brings a packed lunch, he or she will not be allowed from the premises during the lunch period.

Children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One will be provided with a fruit or vegetable snack at breaktime. Children in Key Stage Two may bring their own snack of a piece of fruit or vegetable. Children are not allowed to bring sweets to school.

All children are encouraged to bring their own water bottles to school to be used during the day and at lunchtime.

To order school meals please visit this website:

Online Ordering Help Sheet

Autumn-Winter Hot Menu 2021

Allergy information:
W1D1 W1D2 W1D3 W1D4 W1D5 W2D1 W2D2 W2D3 W2D4 W2D5 W3D1 W3D2 W3D3 W3D4 W3D5

A milk scheme is run by Cool Milk, www.coolmilk.com (tel. 0800 3213248) Milk is FREE for under 5s.